Celebrate Transgender Lives

Protect & Celebrate Transgender Lives.

Inform yourself and others, starting with these websites.

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Trans Theology Books

Transforming (Austen Hartke)

(more book titles on Austen’s resource list)

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Trans Theology Articles


Use Helpful Words

We’ve been talking about transgender people in one way or another for centuries, but some of the words that have been used have been hurtful. Learn 10 words transgender people want you to know (but not say).

Don’t Misgender

A person’s own preference for their gender identity is more important than the gender they were assigned with. Always use a person’s chosen pronouns. Let’s get it right: use correct pronouns and names.

Defer to Preference

Above all, the person you’re engaging with should be have the final say on their own gender identity, name, and sexual identity. Defer to their preferences and help others do the same. Be a trans ally!

Listening to

Transgender Theologians

To know that you belong to a God who gathers the outcasts and who commands doors to open before those sitting outside the gates: this is the kind of love that leads to liberation.

Austen Hartke

God never mistook me for the body others saw. God knew who I truly was, and understood how alone I felt, because God, like me, had no body to make God visible, no face human beings could see.

Joy Ladin
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